Speeches & Presentations

Ideas Blitz is the practical application of Speed Thinking.

Guaranteed Engagement

Dr Ken Hudson’s – Ideas Blitz Tool is the ideal key-note topic. It will energize and uplift any audience.

“Ideas Blitz is a natural pick-me-up…I generated so many ideas in 120 seconds…it’s given me a competitive advantage over others.”

Small Business Owner

An Ideas Blitz presentation will be:

  • High energy
  • Create network opportunities
  • Work on a real problems
  • Generate great ideas & solutions – in minutes
  • Fast & fun
  • Memorable

Workshop & Presentations

Ideas Blitz is the world’s fastest creative thinking tool

“Ideas Blitz allows everyone in the team to contribute and be part of the process, creating better solutions with more ownership.”

IT Director, Logistics Company

An Ideas Blitz workshop will help any group or team to:

  • Solve problems and generate new ideas quickly as part of a small wins process.
  • Make better, faster decisions
  • Build a culture of greater creativity, innovation and productivity.
  • Encourage less talk and more action
  • Enhance, evaluate and develop action plans for the best ideas
  • Energise a team