Speeches & Presentations

Ideas Blitz is the practical application of Speed Thinking.

100% Interaction & Engagement

Dr Ken Hudson’s – Speed Thinking or Ideas Blitz Tool is the ideal session for any conference, away day, course or workshop. It’s a fast, fun and memorable creative experience.

“Ideas Blitz is a natural pick-me-up…We generated so many ideas in 120 seconds…it’s given us a problem solving process we can use again and again”

Team Leader

An Ideas Blitz presentation, workshop or keynote will:

  • Energise any group, audience or delegates
  • Get everyone off their mobile phones and start interacting
  • Solve real problems
  • Generate great ideas & solutions – in minutes
  • Give delegates a practical skill and tool they can use again and again
  • Complement your conference theme, within budget and time frame.

Ideas Blitz is the world’s most energising & productive creative thinking tool for groups and teams

“Ideas Blitz allows everyone in the team to contribute and be part of the process, creating better solutions with more ownership.”

IT Director, Logistics Compan