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Mardie Le Page talks to the ABC’s The Finance Quarter programme about using Blitz as an alternative to brainstorming.

  • I really like Ideas Blitz because it gives every individual or group a mechanism to generate ideas quickly and remove silos.

    Managing Director, Consumer Goods Brand

  • Ideas Blitz is another tool in your back-pocket which can help you to generate ideas & solutions quickly and engage your team.

    HR Manager, International Hotel

  • Ideas Blitz allows everyone in the team to contribute and be part of the process, creating better solutions with more ownership.

    IT Director, Logistics Company

  • Ideas Blitz helps you create a 'can-do' approach to tackling problems.

    HR Manager, Major Retailer

  • Ideas Blitz has played a major role in helping generate drive $400k worth of savings in our business the past year.

    Customer Service Director, Health Care Business

  • Ideas Blitz is going to be the standard repertoire of solving problems in our R&D department from now on.

    R&D Director, Energy Company, Shanghai

  • In just a brief introduction to Ideas Blitz, my team responded immediately to an approach they could see was genuinely different and immediately useful. Dr Ken Hudsons Ideas Blitz approach is both effective and an engaging team-building activity.

    Marketing Director, Non-Profit Sector