Ideas Blitz is the practical application of Speed Thinking.

Speed Thinking & Ideas Blitz Workshops & Training

Dr Ken Hudson trains Startups, SME owners, current & emerging team leaders, teachers, coaches, facilitators, consultants, HR professionals, sales people and students to use Ideas Blitz in short, energetic and interactive workshops.

Ideas Blitz is the ideal tool for people who need to generate ideas & solve problems everyday.

You might be starting or running your own business and a client needs a solution in a hurry or anyone for example in advertising, marketing, innovation, PR, R&D, media or communications.

It will accelerate and enhance your next brainstorming & planning session.

The Ideas Blitz Train-the-Trainer and Coaching Program introduces this powerful way of thinking and behaving to current & emerging leaders across your team or organisation.

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Creativity & Innovation Training

Dr Ken Hudson provides a range of simple, practical tools that will help current & emerging leaders and their teams to generate, big, new ideas quickly and feel more confident, productive and energised.

He has trained managers from Sydney to Shanghai with impressive results.

Creativity training sessions and workshops are tailored to meet your needs, time and budget.

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Small Wins Innovation

Dr Ken Hudson can develop tailored speeches, workshops and training programs that will help build a more innovative culture and deliver measurable and cost-effective results.

He also designs and implements one-on-one small wins innovation coaching sessions for leaders.

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