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    Ideas Blitz can make your next ideation or brainstorming sessions more productive & energising.
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Ideas Blitz

The world’s most productive & energising creative thinking tool

Generate amazing ideas or solutions – in minutes! Taught to thousands of people!

The ideal session for any conference, workshop, course or away-day.


Meet Dr Ken Hudson — The Inventor of Ideas Blitz

How to Blitz

  1. Start

    An individual or group member works by themselves to generate 9 ideas in 2 minutes.

  2. Enhance

    Then enhance each others ideas by adding at least one new thought, as fast as you can.

  3. Connect

    Try and make some connections between the ideas to generate a bigger, better solution.

  4. Evaluate

    Now evaluate all your initial and connected ideas in 60 seconds.

  5. Action

    Develop a 9-point action plan to implement your best ideas.

When to Run an Ideas Blitz

You can run a Blitz any day, any time, any where — whenever you need a new solution or idea fast.

Students & Teachers

  • Get started on an essay, assignment or project
  • Make group work faster & more engaging
  • Review a topic for an exam
  • Think on your feet in your next tutorial or presentation
  • Ensure that everyone in a group contributes

Group or Team Leaders

  • Solve urgent client problems
  • Generate new business ideas quickly
  • Make an existing idea 9 times better!
  • Prepare for a key meeting, presentation or speech
  • Make better, faster decisions