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    Try Speed Thinking and it's tool Ideas Blitz. Impress your clients & peers with your creativity!
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    Ideas Blitz can make your next ideation or brainstorming sessions more productive & energising.
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    Ideas Blitz is the ideal presentation or workshop topic. Dr Ken Hudson can have everyone interacting & creating - within minutes.
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    Ideas Blitz can help you better prepare so that you can think on your feet and slay them!
  • Become a Facilitator

    Here's how to become an Accredited Ideas Blitz and Small Wins Innovation Facilitator

Ideas Blitz

Welcome to the world’s fastest creative thinking tool.

It’s the ideal tool for Startups, SME owners, leaders & teams.

Generate amazing ideas – in minutes! Ideas Blitz is easy to learn, simple & practical.

Download the free app or paper based tool now and join the thousands of people who are blitzing – every day!.


Meet Dr Ken Hudson — The Inventor of Ideas Blitz

How to Blitz

  1. Start

    An individual or group member works by themselves to generate 9 ideas in 2 minutes.

  2. Enhance

    Then enhance each others ideas by adding at least one new thought, as fast as you can.

  3. Connect

    Try and make some connections between the ideas to generate a bigger, better solution.

  4. Evaluate

    Now evaluate all your initial and connected ideas in 60 seconds.

  5. Action

    Develop a 9-point action plan to implement your best ideas.

When to Run an Ideas Blitz

You can run a Blitz any day, any time, any where — whenever you need a new solution or idea fast.

Students & Teachers

  • Get started on an essay, assignment or project
  • Make group work faster & more engaging
  • Review a topic for an exam
  • Think on your feet in your next tutorial or presentation
  • Ensure that everyone in a group contributes

Startups or SME Owners

  • Solve urgent client problems
  • Generate new business ideas quickly
  • Make an existing idea 9 times better!
  • Prepare for a key meeting, presentation or speech
  • Make better, faster decisions