Why not become an accredited Ideas Blitz facilitator?

Watch a real-life Ideas Blitz in action


Here’s how you can teach and facilitate others in this amazing tool.

A 1 day accreditation program for trainers, facilitators, team leaders, coaches, teachers, mentors or HR professionals:

  • A practical, hands-on, experiential program
  • Step-by-step guide (i.e. ebook)
  • Special instruction on how to use Ideas Blitz to generate ideas, solve problems & make decisions either face-to-face and/or with the app
  • No on-going accreditation fees
  • Apply the course key learning’s immediately
  • Added bonus – how to facilitate awesome brainstorming sessions
  • Beware of imitations. This is the only Ideas Blitz Accreditation Program run by the inventor of the tool – Dr Ken Hudson

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