Dr Ken Hudson

Dr Ken Hudson is an International Creativity Consultant.

He is the inventor of Speed Thinking and Ideas Blitz the world’s most energising & productive creative thinking tool.

Ken has a PhD in Organisational Creativity and was a former Marketing Director at American Express.

Dr Hudson is the author of 3 books on idea generation and speed thinking published in 9 countries (by Allen & Unwin) and lectures at UTS.

He is a conference speaker, consultant, trainer & facilitator.

He has worked with organisations including Adidas (Asia), Coca-Cola (China), Roche, Dell, Qantas, Hilton Hotels, Mars, Baxter Health Care, Plan and Suzanne Grae.

Ken has taught thousands of people how to use Ideas Blitz, from all over the world.

He runs training and workshops to help groups & teams to generate better results, fast!

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Ideas Blitz  is a tool to boost your team’s energy, creativity & productivity – in minutes!

Ideasblitz App


Speed Thinking & Ideas Blitz has been developed by Dr Ken Hudson

It’s a creative thinking tool that enables any group or team to generate powerful new ideas and solutions- in minutes!

Ideas Blitz is simple, practical and easy to learn and use.
It’s a powerful tool for teachers, coaches, trainers, facilitators and consultants to generate better, faster results with their clients or students.
Ideas Blitz has been used by hundreds of groups and teams and it works every time — all the time!

Download the Ideas Blitz app or join the community to receive the free paper version.

How to Run an Ideas Blitz

1. Start

Work by yourself to create 9 ideas or solutions in 2 minutes.

The aim is to think as fast as you can, stop procrastinating and prevent your inner critic from judging your ideas too soon.

If you’re using the Ideas Blitz app, simply tap each bubble and write a short summary of your idea.

The timer in the top right-hand corner will make sure you stay under two minutes.

If you get stuck, prompts will pop up to help spark new and creative ideas.

If you’re using the paper version, write your ideas in the circles closest to the centre of the page.

2. Enhance

Develop each of your initial ideas further by adding at least one new thought or solution.

Remember not to judge your ideas—just work as fast as you can. If you’re in a group, complete this step with a partner.

The app will give you room to expand your initial idea—simply tap on the + sign in each bubble and write any additional thoughts or ideas that you may have. If you’re using the paper version, write your ideas in the circles closest to the edges of the page.

3. Connect

Take your 9 ideas and combine them in different ways to see if you can come up with new or unexpected solutions.

What happens when you combine idea 3 and 6, or 4 and 9? Connect your ideas in a logical fashion, or at random.

If you’re using the paper version, use arrows to graphically connect your thoughts or ideas.

4. Evaluate

Choose how you will evaluate your ideas (e.g. cost, time, impact or importance).

Now rank your initial and connected ideas on a scale from 1 to 10. Choose your best ideas and present them to the group.

During the evaluation stage, the app allows you to move the ideas around so you can prioritise them.

If you’re using the paper version, you may like to number your circles (you can do this step by yourself or with your partner).

5. Action

Once you have determined your best ideas, develop a 9-point action plan to implement them.

Make sure each point is clear, concrete and specific.

The Ideas Blitz app allows you to save, email, print and share your Blitz on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

 Remember you can use all or some of these steps depending on the challenge and time available.